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Enlil – God of the Storm

I started working on this one, not really knowing where the inspiration was coming from. Later, I picked up an ancient history DVD. During the description of Enlil, the Mesopotamian god of the storm, I knew that I’d found the title for this track.

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what happened here?

Here’s a post-apocalyptic themed track. The woman’s voice is from https://www.freesound.org/people/Corsica_S/sounds/99480/ . I think she’s got an amazing voice. If interested, check out other samples her boyfriend has uploaded (she’s usually described as “my girlfriend”).

And here’s a list of all other sounds:

Freesound.org (lighter background) and freeSFX.co.uk (darker background)





Orion’s belt

A tune I’ve been working on over the past few days. More like a sketch than a finished product. Might add a bit more something to it. Not sure just what yet… maybe some distant talking with the ol’ telephone wire FX. We’ll see…

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Submarine Ascension

Last night I felt an urge to do an “underwaterscape” where a sub’s ping would be the main percussion, and the marine life would be just as audible as U-boat’s interior. The next morning, I learn that divers are exploring a German sub. One of those artistic coincidences, I guess… http://io9.com/a-sunken-nazi-sub-has-been-discovered-off-the-texas-coa-1605257102

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Open up the Door

A remix of a tune I did about a year ago… I might tweak this a bit… specifically, the sustain on the high notes of the piano melody might come down a bit… not sure right now… going to let it sit for a few days before I make any potential changes.

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a remaster of “my earth, my home”… with compression added to the master and bass, and a few levels changes… sort of a way out there, sci-fi theme… I know there are no birds in space, but the little recurring melody is about 24 yrs old and comes from a tune originally called freebird… composed on the first Yamaha analog synth i ever owned… maybe someone’s time capsule could be called freebird, i dunno!

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into the sun

This tune is based on some ideas that I worked out over the past few years. I used to spend long hours in the basement with my keyboard, mic, guitar and headphones all hooked up thru a mixer. After a while I got tired of the rock concert in my head and decided to start recording. It’s a good reality check. It’s easy to think you’re great when you’re getting high off your own live sounds. It’s another thing to put it down and listen to it played back!

Anyhow, this amalgamation came together over the past week or so. It’s an instrumental about walking on the beach, watching two birds fly into the sun. I often visualized a beach i love going to when doing parts of this… so it’s a sound painting of my experience, I guess you could say. Again, some of the ideas and phrases are a few years old… but they all came together… “into the sun.”

(…its got a pretty deep bass line, so laptop speakers probably won’t cut it!)