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Midnite muse and the law

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English: Photograph of The Beatles as they arr...

The Beatles as they arrive in New York City in 1964 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Was up quite late last night working on my cover of George Harisson’s Isn’t it a Pity. So far so good. I’ve got a basic kickdrum and cymbal going, and an airy synth mapping out the chords. It’s probably taking a little longer than it would for most musicians because I don’t know the chord progression that well and keep messing it up if I try to play the whole thing through.

So I recorded each individual phrase and was pasting them together so they’d connect seamlessly. A real learning experience and a heck of a lot of fun… especially when you do it right, play it back, and it sounds like a guy sitting there playing the whole thing through.

This copy and paste technique should come in handy when I do the final arrangement. I can more easily change things around if the tune is already sectioned off into its different parts.

12 Arnold Grove, Liverpool. The house where Ge...

12 Arnold Grove, Liverpool. The house where George Harrison was born and lived until he was 7. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another thing that came to mind last night was copyright law for cover songs. Millions of people do covers on YouTube but it didn’t even occur to me that I could be sued if I posted my cover there or on SoundCloud. So I did a search, trying to see who actually owns the George Harrison song. It looks like maybe Apple Records does, but I’m not sure yet. Will have to find out.

Although I really like this song, I don’t wanna lose my shirt over it!

Apparently the song was first penned in the mid 60s while George was a Beatle. The rest of the band put the kibosh on it, which one reviewer said was surprising because the Beatles usually spotted hits before anyone else. I guess it was just ahead of its time… too long and engaging for the mid 60s. And even in the late 60s, other tunes were chosen for Beatles lps instead of that one.

Turns out the song fit perfectly with Harrison’s All Things Must Pass (1970) record, which marked the end of the Beatles, and the end of an era.


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