Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace – Bob Dylan

You know, as a practising Christian I try hard not to judge others.

But there’s always the reality of people who are not sane and really quite bent on evil.

If you think I’m being xtreme, just take a look at this document. It’s a letter of agreement signed by Adolf Hitler and the British PM Neville Chamberlain.

And we know what Hitler did shortly after.

As Bob Dylan put it:

Sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

Note: Handwritten portions have been moved toward center to fit into this blogspace.


  1. It is actually quite interesting to listen to songs made before 1939 and watch some European movies, such as Fritz Lang’s Metropolis by example. Mentality free of factory style mass murder experience had to offer much more trust but shortage of consciousness as well. In my personal opinion, beauty was much more natural to reach back then. But then again today, as always, all is just the way it should.
    That’s the post of yours I don’t get. Are you explaining present though 1938 past? What’s your point? Being a non judgemental Christian or that according to your dualistic way there is, or was, manifestation of evil in the world?


  2. Filip… even though we have slightly different theological outlooks at this point in our respective journeys, you always make me laugh, which in this world is a wonderful thing!

    Anyhow, to respond to your question, yes, I suppose I was making an oblique comment about how this kind of untoward situation could happen again. But it would be a more subtle kind of thing if it were to happen, say, in the West. After all, times have changed and humanity has probably evolved a bit since WW-II (evolved in the sense that everything has gotten faster and, at the same time, more complicated in most corners of the world).

    I was alluding to Jung’s observations about archetypal power, and how, according to his theory, it can either be integrated by the ego (the healthy scenario) vs. the unhealthy scenario where the ego is assimilated by the archetypal power (the Borg scenario).

    Btw, I thought of you the other day while watching a film with Jet Li… it was about parallel universes… maybe you’ve seen it? 8)


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