The Nanny State – Where will it end?

Over the past couple of decades, I’ve noticed how Canada and Ontario, in particular, has become something of a nanny state. For those unfamiliar with the term, the nanny state refers to undue government intervention or, depending on how you look at it, interference in private lives.

Here on CP24 we have a special guy from the City telling us how to prepare for winter. Cummon. Do we really need to be told to dress warmly, keep safety stuff in our cars, and put on our snow tires?

I certainly don’t. I’ve been wearing earmuffs since the beginning of September because I have a chronic ear infection that hurts like hell with the slightest chill. And I do all the other stuff whenever it makes sense to.

Now I realize a sound argument can be made that because we have many newcomers to Canada, a good portion will be unfamiliar with Canadian winters. Okay, I get that.

But still, whatever happened to gaining wisdom from your neighbor or community group? Do we really need the government telling us how to be “safe.”

The situation has gotten so bad that even at Church the priest on long weekends will say, “Have a safe and happy…” (whatever holiday it is).


How many times do I hear this fear-mongering word within the space of a day?

I also realize another argument can be made that the wild and free “good old days” weren’t actually that good. And more people died from lack of seatbelts and drunk driving before laws and enforcement were beefed up for those issues.

But again, where is the nanny state going to stop? And do all of these public figures really care, themselves, or are some just saying it because they know it is the PC thing to do?

I wonder. Some might genuinely care. Some might be doing it for expedience. And others might feel important by telling us to be safe in the dangerous world we live in.

What are you thinking?

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