Ocean Ripple

This shot is a week or two old. I had just showered and wanted to chronicle what it looks like while I make dinner during the pandemic. The goggles are for eye protection because I boil a lot of stuff and don’t want any splatters in my eyes. And the mask is because I don’t just cook for myself so even though dinner is usually boiled, I take that extra precaution.

The Photoshop Elements filter here is called Ocean Ripple, which is also a standard Photoshop filter. I thought it appropriate considering the dream I had last night…

* * *

Last night I had an odd dream. I was in a glass elevator – floor, ceiling, all the walls were glass – and my companions were taking me down to go for a “swim.” After a short while during the descent I realized something “fishy” was going on – pun intended – because we were descending to the bottom of some kind of ocean.

Turns out they were some kind of Atlantian people and going for a swim at the bottom of the ocean was perfectly normal and safe for them. But for me, I worried that if they opened the elevator door, I would be trapped in water, which was all I could see through the glass, or perish trying to swim several kilometers to the surface.

When the elevator car stopped, I simply said, “Please don’t let me die.”

The Atlantians agreed to send me back up to safety and I awoke, thinking what a classic Jungian-style dream this is! 🙂

What are you thinking?

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