Roll over Beethoven – Good, Great, Fun and Fab!

One of my favorite rock and roll tunes is “Roll Over Beethoven.”

Old Ludwig would have liked this tune, I think. Ludwig was actually quite a rocker in his own way. If you listen to the close of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, it’s almost like the finale of a rock anthem. Yes, Ludwig broke some boundaries in classical music, just as Chuck Berry broke boundaries in pop.

As an adult, I prefer the Chucky Berry original version of this song. Sorry Beatles, with this one I’d say you are satisfactory at best. Your genius, like The Rolling Stones, came in doing your own thing.



Oh and as for poor old Tchaikovsky, well, he was a romantic genius, for sure. We often forget just how great he was. But I don’t know if he really could have “got” rock and roll!

You see, rock and roll was born in the creative cauldron of democracy. Old world aristocracies and oligarchies were just too stifling to come up with a “backbeat, you can’t lose it.”

Waltz’s maybe. Rock and roll. Nah.



“Rock And Roll Music”

Just let me hear some of that rock and roll music
Any old way you choose it
It’s got a backbeat, you can’t lose it
Any old time you use it
It’s gotta be rock and roll music
If you wanna dance with me
If you wanna dance with me

Another huge Chuck Berry song is Johnny B. Goode. You might have heard it in the film, “Back to the Future.” I love the part of this film when Michael J. Fox freaks out on the guitar and the crowd doesn’t get it. “I guess you’re not ready for that yet… but your kids are going to love it! ”



The Beatles version of this tune is so bad I didn’t post it. 😁 As I say, their genius became clear when they just found their own groove.

And finally… Honorable Mention:

This is the version of “Roll Over Beethoven” that I grew up with as a kid in the 70s.  Loved it then. Still like it now.

Politically speaking, I guess rock and roll illustrates the difference between true democracy and all those conflicted, hostile nut jobs who want all the perks of democracy while working steadily like crazed rodents to undermine it.

I wonder what ol’ Ludwig would have to say about that?

Contrary motion? Discord? Cacophony?


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  1. Just made a final edit to this. Oh, and I originally said the close Beethoven’s 9th was like rock. I meant, of course, the 5th. I tend to write stuff quickly and then check my details later. 😉🙂

    11:41 a.m. – a few more tweaks and reblogged at


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