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Grinch moment



yoda and darth talk peace for xmas

Image via Tumblr

This lawn display is just steps from where I live. Driving by on a cloudy day I told myself that if the sun came out, I’d have to go back with my camera. Today was the day!


the night before xmas

Fullsize at Tumblr

Technically I should call this “The Night Before Xmastime,” because I took it tonight, on the last day of November. There was a fantastic sunset. I had to capture it. The foreground is a little fibre optic tree I got for 20 bucks a few years ago. Outside are the “Paranormal Christmas Lights” (you can’t see them in this shot, but I plan to shoot them in the snow).

This time of year feels so much like a transition. The Christmas spirit will really kick in during December. The recent revving things up in November isn’t a bad idea, but I suspect it’s more about stores wanting to create marketing hype than any kind of mystical remembrance. But maybe not. I know that I got into Christmas in early November when I made my Songza playlist. Then the feeling waned a bit. Now it’s coming back.