vintage poster

Returning some stuff at the library drop box the other night I saw this vintage poster in a nearby store window. It was freezing cold but I had to take a pic.

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Even MORE vintage audio geekiness

Over the Xmas holidays I discovered that a local Goodwill had converted into a Salvation Army thrift store. I love places like that. During Christmas the selection was amazing. I didn’t need or buy anything but had fun looking over all the fake trees, wreaths, lights and Santas. I also noticed a substantial electronics section […]

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Take Five

Further to my last post, here’s a pin I pinned at Pinterest last night. I was mesmerized by the sax player, especially. He seems to go into a trance during part of his solo… eyes sort of looking into his mind, where he’s visualizing each note. That’s how I imagined it, anyhow.

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