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Paranormal Phenomena/death prediction 90% correct

“Wall face” appearance, purportedly paranormal...

“Wall face” appearance, purportedly paranormal but probably made by human hands, of the famous House of the Faces in Spain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do volunteer work at allexperts.com. Not too long ago I received an interesting question from someone claiming they can predict deaths with great reliability.

Due to copyright restrictions, I can’t reblog the question and my answer here. But I can link to it.




Paranormal Phenomena – mysterious hand print appears on leg

Image via Tumblr

Another question and answer at allexperts.com, where I volunteer. This time, a questioner asks me what I think about a hand print that appeared on their leg.

This might sound strange, but it’s amazing how many questions I get like this. And the questioners almost always seem to be sane, rational people. Not just storytellers, wannabe fiction writers, or nuts.

Read the full question and answer here: http://en.allexperts.com/q/Paranormal-Phenomena-3278/2013/2/hand-print-2.htm

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…a review I did at Earthpages.org back in 2009. Recently I gave it some stylistic touch ups and added current links at the bottom.


Title: Nick Pope: The Man Who Left the MOD
Interviewer: Michael Bourne
Director: Philip Gardiner

Media: DVD
Reality Films

Nick Pope isn’t exactly a household name. But among UFO investigators and devotees he’s become a controversial figure.

In The Man Who Left the MOD we learn that Pope joined the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) in 1985. By 1991 the MOD wanted to assess any potential threats that UFOs might pose to national security. Ready for a change, Pope took a position in the MOD’s new UFO Project.

That’s just the background. The Man Who Left the MOD probes far deeper into the history and experiences of this articulate spokesperson for investigators of UFO lore. Some may not like my use of the term lore. But it seems appropriate as the ‘U’ in UFO stands for unidentified, and Pope is the first to uphold a question mark rather…

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Paranormal Phenomena/Graveyards…

The Spirit of the Dead Keeps Watch

The Spirit of the Dead Keeps Watch via Wikipedia

The topic of Ghosts and the paranormal seems to be hot right now. Maybe it’s a way to keep the winter blues away. Or maybe….

In any case, here’s another Q&A at AllExperts.com, where I really enjoy doing volunteer work:

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Review – Real Ghosts U.K., DVDs 2 & 3: Scotland’s Haunted Bunker & The Guy Fawkes Inn

Image courtesy Reality Entertainment

This review also appears at Earthpages.org

Title: Real Ghosts UK: Ghosts Aren’t Real? – Think Again!
Genre: Documentary, Paranormal
Production Company: Reality Entertainment

Real Ghosts U.K. is a 3 DVD set bound to astonish ghost hunters and anyone wanting to believe that there’s more to life than meets the eye.

Because there’s a lot of material here, I reviewed these discs over the span of a few weeks. Disc 1, The Mermaid Inn, is fully reviewed here.

Disc 2, Scotland’s Haunted Bunker, takes us deep underground into an actual Scottish bunker, built to preserve government leaders in case of a massive military attack.

This is interesting footage. We see old radio equipment and other electronic gear, designed, I guess, to enable the rulers to broadcast an SOS.

Soon we learn that the place is known to be haunted. So two paranormal researchers lead us through some supernatural accounts and, as in disc 1, the alleged medium Patrick McNamara heads a physical circle.

What’s a physical circle?

For the uninitiated, it’s a group of people, seated in a circle, interested in becoming attuned with supposed spiritual presences and ethereal vibrations. Some call it a magic circle, an idea roundly denounced in the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1917 but treated more academically in the 2003 version.

Much like in disc 1, I found this part of the program slightly less compelling than the opening segment. The main shortcoming here, as I see it, is that the cameras can’t pick up the spirits and other anomalies which participants in the circle seem to confront. So we’ve got to go on blind faith.

For me, however, seeing is believing.

Still, ardent spiritualists and the merely curious will enjoy watching participants seeming to encounter all sorts of odd things.

Disc 3, The Guy Fawkes Inn, begins by showing us the enchanting Guy Fawkes Inn, along with a smattering of related history and provocative questions. Patrick McNamara returns again, this time telling us about a panoply of spirits and spiritual presences that are said to haunt the inn.

This DVD tends to emphasize, even more than the previous two, the idea that spiritual presences of the dead can draw energy away from the living.

McNamara also suggests that a physically hot kitchen can feel spiritually chilly, and that he smells spiritual odors – some pleasant, some sickening – that the ordinary senses can’t pick up.

Employees are guided through another physical circle, and all sorts of fantastic things seem to happen–to include, no less, the appearance of Michael Jackson’s face. As with the first two discs, however, we can’t really see most of the strange claims. So many do sound a bit strange.

But we should keep an open mind. I suspect that if I panned this part of the DVD I’d probably start seeing something weird just like the stuff described in this video. It’s easy to close off the mind and accept a materialistic paradigm. It takes a bit more insight and, perhaps, imagination to consider that there just might be more to this world than green eggs and ham.

Green eggs and ham? Whaaaa?

Just checking to make sure you’re reading carefully… 🙂

But seriously, we all know about radio waves going through the air, quite invisibly. So it’s not such a huge stretch to suppose that some gifted individuals can inwardly “see” other types of energy and presence that most of us cannot. The ability may be genetic, possibly spiritual or, perhaps, some combination.

I have no problem with that. And furthermore, the employees at the Guy Fawkes Inn give a final wrap up of the experiment, seeming to verify their experiences, even though we can’t witness them via the infrared camera.

Altogether, the three discs of Real Ghosts UK should please ghost hunters and those wanting more coverage of all things paranormal. Although we don’t literally see most of the alleged supernatural phenomena, this 3 DVD set opens a forum for discussion, which is always better than close-minded nay saying.


Disc 1 is reviewed here!


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Review – Walking Between Worlds Belonging to None (DVD)

Reality Films

This review also appears at Earthpages.org

Written and produced by Steve Mitchell, this film tells the story of Jason, a British man who claims to have been repeatedly taken by extraterrestrials (ETs) during childhood.

Jason says he doesn’t use the term “abducted” to describe his unusual experiences because once he got past the fear factor he simply wanted to learn from his encounters.

This attitudinal shift, he says, opened a door that enhanced his appreciation of not only ETs but of life itself.

In fact, what makes Jason’s account fascinating is his complete willingness to discuss the entire ET phenomenon in an open-minded but balanced way.

Jason offers insights and alternative opinions not found in the vast majority of ET literature, TV documentaries and DVDs.

Topics range from psi and healing abilities, the meaning of life, the variety of alleged ET species, and the possibility of top secret government UFO projects within the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MOD).

To add to the overall credibility of his account, Jason’s mother is interviewed. Here we find an intelligent woman who has explored all possibilities as to her son’s remarkable experiences and abilities, coming to the conclusion that “he’s telling the truth.”

This video is a must see for anyone wishing to enrich their understanding of the mysterious yet increasingly sought after notion that we are not alone.



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Review – The Wildman of Kentucky: The Mystery of Panther Rock (DVD)

wildmanTitle: The Wildman of Kentucky, the Mystery of Panther Rock
Genre: Bigfoot, Supernatural, History
Production Company: Reality Entertainment

Is Bigfoot real?

This is the question that The Wildman of Kentucky asks, featuring on-site interviews and an investigative team’s foray into the night woods in search of the unknown.

Some might think Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch) is just a North American myth but, as the song goes, it ‘aint necessarily so.

Cultures around the world have reported sightings, recorded hairy giants in folklore and shared stories about attacks and abductions at remote camps. Some paranormal investigators even link the Bigfoot phenomenon with UFOs, Atlantis, and who knows what.

So where does this leave us? Is Bigfoot just a lot of Big Bunk? Or is there something more to the story?

It’s easy to dismiss Bigfoot as a product of wishful thinking, overactive imagination or hallucination. I might have done so a few decades ago.

But let me tell my own true story.

While driving from Toronto to Ottawa I saw a man hitchhiking on the side of the highway. I rarely if ever pick up hitchhikers but this one seemed different so I stopped to give him a ride.

The hitchhiker and I started talking. I was a Ph.D. candidate in Religious Studies and he, for all intents and purposes, was a homeless wayfarer.

After a few minutes of conversation, I quickly realized that he was an intelligent, God-fearing man.

Our talk drifted to matters of religion and spirituality and I asked why he left society for the life of a traveling man. At that point he told me he’d seen a Sasquatch in a forest.

What really “did it” for him, he said, was seeing the large beast running straight through the trees–not around but right through them.

Bigfoot skeptics note that no actual specimen, living or dead, has ever been produced, despite a $100,000 reward offered by a Canadian publishing house in 1973.

The paranormal researchers John and Anne Spencer admit that some reported cases may be true but believe most are an “American myth” (The Encyclopedia of the World’s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, Headline, 1995: 55).

The Spencers say that if Bigfoot were as widespread as many claim, we’d no longer have a mystery but a well documented phenomenon with lots of hard evidence.

That might sound good to hardheaded debunkers who just can’t envision the world beyond todays’ acceptable paradigms. But is the universe really that simple?

If the story I heard from the hitchhiker was as genuine as it seemed, it’s possible Bigfoot-like beings might reside somewhere between this and another world. An alternate reality?

This might sound strange. But considering we’re smack dab in the middle of a great mystery called life, it would be arrogant to dismiss all Bigfoot accounts without first considering alternatives.

And that’ s exactly what The Wildman does–consider alternatives without getting hooked on any particular one.


This film now comes in a Two DVD set: BIGFOOT IS REAL!: Sasquatch to the Abominable Snowman.