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Water under the bridge

Had a sublime moment today in the local park (Serena Gundy). Just last summer I realized a secret entrance that I’d never known about. Also, I used to go away for summers when I was a kid. These days, I improvise.


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back in the groove

Earthpages has taken a back seat the past few days as I really wanted to get this out asap.

My little blurb at SoundCloud says it all:

You guessed it. I was thinking of Paul McCartney and other 70s feelgood love songs a bit when mixing this. But the tune was written in the late 80s / early 90s. Originally called “Karma Destiny,” it has a melody but I didn’t like my vocals so went with sax improv instead.

Today I question the whole idea of karma. So that title isn’t really me any more. But the music still is!

© 2017 Michael W. Clark

 Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr Recorded Music Together For First Time In Seven Years(stereogum.com)

 Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Reunite for New Music(aceshowbiz.com)

 Classic Rock Almanac February 9, 2017(wncx.cbslocal.com)

 Paul McCartney sues Sony/ATV to reclaim rights to Beatles music(japantimes.co.jp)

 This Week In History: The Beatles, Compact Discs, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson(wcbsfm.cbslocal.com)

 DC, Hollywood Stars Celebrate Valentine’s Day On Social Media(losangeles.cbslocal.com)

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When all else fails…

Here comes the sun – Instagram / Tumblr

Lay down and take a picture…

Cold weather and other factors have kept me penned up in the city like a rat in a cage. Yesterday, the sun came out and the weather forecast spoke to warmer temperatures today. Just after taking this I managed to get outside the gates of the machine (a metaphor I often use for how it feels getting outside the urban perimeter) for a nice country drive.

Today is warmer. This photo was the turning point.



via tumblr (all detail is lost in reduction.. pls click image for fullsize)

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sunset in the park

image via Flickr

These highrise in the park photos have some kind of optical effect on my mind… It looked straight when I first looked at it… now…?

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Finally… out of the city!


It’s been so long.. I can hardly remember the last time I got away. The winter was sooo cold. Now all I have to do is lose my winter fat!

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april in paris


 april in paris, originally uploaded by [phil h].

 I was just browsing through flickr and thought this was interesting!