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Christmas Without You

This song has a melody but I won’t have enuf time to get that together by Xmas so I’ll just post an instrumental and let my guitar gently weep.

Dedicated to all those who might be alone or missing someone over the holidays… and to all those 70s pop stars who made FM radio a unique moment in musical history…



Midnight Oil – Don’t Wanna Be The One

Somehow this tune eluded me. I was 19 in 1981, and I always look back on that year as a turning point. I remember the music industry was in a bit of a spin. Supertramp did some lackluster album around that time. A once great group had pretty much lost its spark. Crosby, Stills and Nash did something too. But it was just a pale shadow of their former glory. Yes, the 70s were over. And we had to admit it and move on. New Wave (I think Midnight Oil sort of belongs in that category) was a welcome relief to the old 70s prog rock bands that had lost it by the 80s.

New Wave actually began in the late 70s. But who’s counting?

Anyhow… just heard this for the first time. And it reminds me of the early Police, B-52s, Talking Heads and a whole bunch of others who really helped to shape the music and keep it moving forward.

Nice flashback!