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Red barn

Red Barn via Flickr

Here’s one I took last summer, near Port Hope Ontario. This was a second attempt. The first time around a stunning sunset was hitting the barn, surrounding fields and water tower.

Much to my chagrin on returning home, I found that my SD card had munched it. I think the problem was that I either switched the card among cameras without reformatting. Or maybe I did a Windows format instead of an in-camera format.

In any case, I lost the first photo. So this one was a retry, taken several weeks later. Instead of stunning sunset we have haze and mist.

Oh well. It’s still okay.


summer’s end…

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Felt really sterile in the city today, so we took to the countryside. After this photo, I took some (seemingly) amazing shots of an old barn with the setting sun on it. But when I got home, all I saw was funny squiggles and empty folders where the pics should have been. The joys of digital photography… :-/


i’m dreaming of a wet christmas…

raining… thru the windshield.. via Instagram

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moonbase alpha

Image via Tumblr

Last nite at Port Hope Ontario. It’s a small town looking over Lake Ontario. Fisheye filter brings in a lot more light, otherwise I probably would have taken this straight.

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old tyme action

old tyme action by earthpages
old tyme action, a photo by earthpages on Flickr.

Just had to get out of the city last Saturday and ended up in the beautiful, rustic old town of Port Hope Ontario. This was all the action in town, that, and some guy talking on a cell phone in front of a steak house, along with some youths skulking by a storefront. Oh yeah, then there was this intrepid photographer from out of town, totally enjoying the fresh air, old buildings, and open spaces.