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back in the groove

Earthpages has taken a back seat the past few days as I really wanted to get this out asap.

My little blurb at SoundCloud says it all:

You guessed it. I was thinking of Paul McCartney and other 70s feelgood love songs a bit when mixing this. But the tune was written in the late 80s / early 90s. Originally called “Karma Destiny,” it has a melody but I didn’t like my vocals so went with sax improv instead.

Today I question the whole idea of karma. So that title isn’t really me any more. But the music still is!

© 2017 Michael W. Clark

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Sheer Distraction

The story behind this tune is that I was desperately ill through the winter months. It took a long time to recover. When I finally felt things were turning around, I sat by my computer and came up with a basic bassline. I sent that to Lee Neale who sent back this amazing melody with lyrics. It blows me away how talented Lee is.

Because his work is of such high caliber, it really pushed me to do my best. I wanted a minimalist sound that wouldn’t overtake Lee’s vocal track. But I didn’t want it too simple.

I hope you enjoy!

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White Lining on Broadstreet (or RoboRock)

My first try at side-chaining, a technique in electronic music that, if done right, maintains the thump of the kick drum when lots of other stuff is going on that could drown it out (i.e. destructive interference..).

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Somewhere in the distant future… a bio-bot cries out through space and time…



That’s the blub I used at SoundCloud to describe this tune. Known influences are Daft Punk, Jim Morrison, Bach – Mozart – Beethoven – Sibelius (those classical guys…) and all the other electronica and dance musicians I’ve heard. Lots. Too many to name. Well, maybe Avicii, because that guy’s a genius.

This took about two weeks. I could fuss over it more but there comes a time when you just have to say, “that’s what I can do now,” and start thinking about the next project.

All the plugins are freeware. And the voice (originally me) is supposed to sound Russian/European. I think I was remembering a childhood TV cartoon called Rocky and Bullwinkle. There were two European villians in that cartoon. My subconscious probably dredged up the guy, then I gave him a robotic twang.


*.* L A T E R *.*

Actually, I did try to fix up the 2nd last drum fill a bit. But decided to leave it for now. The image at right is the left and right channel.

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Melancholy Man

A re-imagined “Melancholy Man.” For those not born in the rotary dial telephone age, this was a song penned by keyboardist Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues. Pinder was (as is) a whiz on the mellotron, an early kind of synth which isn’t easy to play. I’ve always liked this song (the original is on YouTube). It’s sad, but also cosmic. (This version is identical to the one posted about two weeks ago, except that I added a sound effect at the top, beefed up the rhythm fills and smoothed out the fade).

A beam of light will fill your head
And you’ll remember what’s been said
By all the good men this world’s ever known…
(and) we’re going to keep growing… wait and see