Stress Eating and Meditation

I’ve been dealing with some unusually high stressors over the past couple of weeks, so haven’t been posting here as often as usual. But I wanted to post something, so looked over some of my volunteer question and answers at This one leaped out because earlier tonight I succumbed to my old habits and […]

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Pros and Cons of Paranormal Phenomena

Another volunteer question and answer at Here the questioner asks about the pros and cons of paranormal phenomena. Because it’s such a broad topic, I break it down into a few general categories. Read answer here. Related articles Guiley, Rosemary Ellen ( Why Skeptics are Wrong about Paranormal Phenomena ( ESP: how it works […]

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Sleep Paralysis

Here’s a Q&A at that touches on a variety of potential issues.  Paranormal Phenomena/Sleep Paralysis Related Articles Could My Son Be Having Seizures? ( Isolated sleep paralysis – All Information ( Alien Abductions and Sleep Paralysis ( Narcolepsy – All Information ( Are Out-of-Body Experiences Always Spiritual? ( The man who watched me sleep […]

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