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Stress Eating and Meditation

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I’ve been dealing with some unusually high stressors over the past couple of weeks, so haven’t been posting here as often as usual. But I wanted to post something, so looked over some of my volunteer question and answers at allexperts.com.

This one leaped out because earlier tonight I succumbed to my old habits and pigged out a bit. Eating and stress are so related. It’s like the stress opens the door for old negative patterns and influences. Anyhow, tomorrow night is another night, and hopefully I’ll clamp down and get back into my healthy eating patterns again!

Stress Eating and Meditation » http://en.allexperts.com/q/Meditation-2544/2012/10/stress-eating-meditation.htm

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Pros and Cons of Paranormal Phenomena

“Wall face” appearance, purportedly paranormal...

“Wall face” appearance, purportedly paranormal but probably made by human hands, of the famous House of the Faces in Spain - photo by Cesar Tort via Wikipedia

Another volunteer question and answer at allexperts.com.

Here the questioner asks about the pros and cons of paranormal phenomena. Because it’s such a broad topic, I break it down into a few general categories.

Read answer here.

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Sleep Paralysis

The Nightmare

The Nightmare via Wikipedia

Here’s a Q&A at AllExperts.com that touches on a variety of potential issues.