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Pussy Willows?

Pussy willows? via Tumblr

Everything is so stunted here in Ontario. The severe Ice Storm of last winter has sent everything into shock. Nature knows… almost like a winter/summer, so far. Although it’s still spring and summer hasn’t officially started, I’ll be relieved when I see some real deciduous green!


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ice storm

Image via Tumblr

A shot out my window during the Toronto Ice Storm. I’d been out at the (heated) library, then walking and warming up at the Second Cup. On my return home the sun peeped out. I momentarily pulled up the blinds and took this with room temp about 40ºF!

I scrunched this photo a bit to work for earthpages’ new banner.

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Happy Birthday Dad!

W. J. L. Clark (26/12/1923 – 26/3/2003) with Helen B. Clark at Craigleith Ski Club  – Image via Tumblr

My dad was born on Boxing Day. I don’t think he liked his birthdays too much. Nothing much was open that day in the old city, so we had to scour the streets looking for a pastry shop selling some semblance of a birthday cake. I guess it was just too much to find one ahead of Christmas. Or maybe we thought it would have gone stale.

I remember one year being sorta tired after the big Christmas dinner, and my mom and I locked ourselves out of the car on an especially freezing day. Probably my fault but I can’t remember who was driving. It was easier to lock yourself out back then. No bells, whistles or warning lights if you left your keys in the ignition. So I had to walk home a sizeable distance to get a second set of keys, and then return while mom stayed warm inside the shop.

Being the day after Christmas, I suppose dad’s birthday was a bit anticlimactic. But we loved dad very much and still do. I think of him every day. During the recent ice storm I had to guide some branches to ensure their safe fall on the ground. Dad loved he-man “chores,” as we used to call them. So when I was out there in the middle of the night, roping branches in the pitch dark, I really felt like he was with me, guiding the operation!



Father Christmas vs. Old Man Winter

Image via Tumblr

Here’s a pic I took out my window on the second day of the Toronto Ice Storm. Large portions of the city were knocked out cold. My room was about 40ºF when I took this. Power’s back but with Christmas tomorrow, I’m way behind sched. so earthpages.org / earthpages.ca will have to take a back seat for a few days.

Merry Christmas, Everyone! 🙂