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Time Cop

Here’s a tune I’ve been working on for a few weeks. Sort of a synthesis of several old themes from the 70s. With a new twist. The image is Toronto downtown 1972. Looks quite different now.


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Late nite music…

I love music and often put a cd on after everything has quieted down in the house. I tend to Pin(terest) what I’m listening to if it’s new and I’m forming an opinion. Admittedly, I’m on this cd for the first time, and only about 3/4 the way though. So this is a tentative opinion. Sometimes it takes a while for music to sink in. You know, you’re doing the dishes and that tune just keeps coming to mind… So we’ll see. But here’s tonight’s take.

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flow, originally uploaded by earthpages.

This is a few years old but i really like all the different lines of movement in this photo…