Do you believe in evil?

I do. But this treatment of evil seems heavily imbued with Catholic traditionalism which might color the veracity of its claims. The author seems to contradict himself within the space of two pages. It’s not really important enough for me to cite exactly where.¹ I just browsed through this and that was enough. Demons could […]

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Working on a new tune. Really hope I can get it out by Halloween. I’m using a keyboard I bought from one of those discount shops. Part of it doesn’t work… most notably, the control key. But I’m getting my money out of it anyhow. Tonight, it’s my digital sampler keyboard. If I get the […]


Beyond the Night

Here’s a cinematic, atmospheric one that I worked pretty hard on. It began as a slightly chaotic assemblage which slowly came together. My main learning point was how to use a sequencer for drum samples, making it sound less robotic than sequencers can sound. The sequencer I used (Megababy) allows for manual timing changes (called […]

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malum mystica

This is my second entry into electronica, learning as I go along. I think I’ve played around with this enough for now. I might tweak it a bit in a few days. But right now it’s time to move on to a new project. Malum mystica is Latin for Evil Mystic. I wanted to put […]

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