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Beyond the Night

Here’s a cinematic, atmospheric one that I worked pretty hard on. It began as a slightly chaotic assemblage which slowly came together. My main learning point was how to use a sequencer for drum samples, making it sound less robotic than sequencers can sound.

The sequencer I used (Megababy) allows for manual timing changes (called “humanization” or possibly “swing” when using midi). So I spent some time on each note, trying to imagine myself as a percussionist and how he or she might actually drum. To me, the kick drum sometimes sounds like it could use a bit of editing, other times it sounds okay.

Not exactly tearing up the SoundCloud charts, it was, as I say, a great learning experience.

As to what this composition is about, just follow the link to SoundCloud if interested.



Spooky – Halloween – Remix

A remix of The Halls of Hell… less reverb on organ, boosted screams and a few other tweaks…

Not sure which version I like better. Still not quite right. Hopefully will get it perfect by Halloween!

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The Halls of Hell – Warming up for Halloween…

“A demented organist plays while souls scream from the dungeon…”

I got bored of everything else tonight so found myself back at the keyboard. The organ is Bach. Or part of Bach. Then it just goes into my own thing. The spacey sounds are a free VST synth. And the evil laughs and tormented screams are from (in order of appearance):

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malum mystica

This is my second entry into electronica, learning as I go along. I think I’ve played around with this enough for now. I might tweak it a bit in a few days. But right now it’s time to move on to a new project.

Malum mystica is Latin for Evil Mystic. I wanted to put a question mark after it but discovered that Latin didn’t really pick up the question mark until about the 8th century. Here’s an interesting backgrounder to that… pinterest.com/earthpages/curiosities

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Pope Benedict XVI setting up exorcism squads…

Pope Benedict XVI setting up exorcism squads to fight rising

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From… The Life of St. Teresa of Avila

st_teresa.jpgLast night I was finishing up The Life of St. Teresa of Avila by Herself and came across this rather striking passage: 

29. Once, when I was going to Communion, I saw with the eyes of the soul, more distinctly than with those of the body, two devils of most hideous shape; their horns seemed to encompass the throat of the poor priest; and I beheld my Lord, in that great majesty of which I have spoken, held in the hands of that priest, in the Host he was about to give me. It was plain that those hands were those of a sinner, and I felt that the soul of that priest was in mortal sin. What must it be, O my Lord, to look upon Thy beauty amid shapes so hideous! The two devils were so frightened and cowed in Thy presence, that they seemed as if they would have willingly run away, hadst Thou but given them leave. So troubled was I by the vision, that I knew not how I could go to Communion. I was also in great fear, for I thought, if the vision was from God, that His Majesty would not have allowed me to see the evil state of that soul.

30. Our Lord Himself told me to pray for that priest; that He had allowed this in order that I might understand the power of the words of consecration, and how God failed not to be present, however wicked the priest might be who uttered them; and that I might see His great goodness in that He left Himself in the very hands of His enemy, for my good and for the good of all. I understood clearly how the priests are under greater obligations to be holy than other persons; and what a horrible thing it is to receive this most Holy Sacrament unworthily, and how great is the devil’s dominion over a soul in mortal sin. It did me a great service, and made me fully understand what I owe to God. May He be blessed for evermore!

Source: http://www.ccel.org/ccel/teresa/life.viii.xxxix.html