Reelin’ in the Years – 2002

It’s 2002 and I’m 40 years old. I’m adjusting to Toronto life nicely, after spending almost a decade away. The city has changed a lot since I was a kid. Not only bigger but a much better cultural and religious mix. Toronto is emerging as a multicultural powerhouse. Traffic is getting more congested, not just at […]

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hymn for the earth

Here’s a little jingle i wrote years ago in india… originally for guitar. i’ve tried different versions over the years. this one is influenced a bit by david bowie.. specifically, i was thinking of bowie while doing the little drummer boy rat-a-tat snare on my midi keyboard. i forgot to humanize the kick drum, so […]

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A word about Earthpages

Today I was thinking about Earthpages. I’ve been doing that blog since about 1999! And I have literally hundreds of good articles stored on the back burner that aren’t showing right now. I had to do this because one of my major sources only allows 100 articles at a time for use on other websites. […]

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old country meter

old country meter, a photo by earthpages on Flickr. drove out to the country yesterday… was nice to get out of the city, even if it took about an hour to get past all the box warehouses and tacky suburban development… seems toronto sprawls more and more every year… makes you wonder if someday the […]

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Review – Hamish Miller on The Parallel Community (DVD)

This review also appears at Shot mostly outdoors in the United Kingdom’s beautiful West Cornwall, Hamish Miller on The Parallel Community looks at Earth energy, dowsing, near-death experiences, ancient ancestors, spiritual cleansing, alternate realities and a new global movement called the Parallel Community. Miller, himself, appears to be a happy, likable fellow very much […]

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