My Decapitated Laptop

This is an old laptop with only 512mb RAM and a mobile Sempron processor. For the most part, it was a pretty crummy laptop. About a week after the one-year warranty expired, the hinge broke that holds the screen to the body. When I got a new laptop, I put this old laptop to rest. […]

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Taking the Hardware Plunge

I can’t believe I finally did it. I ordered some RAM for a very old laptop that was (trying to) run on 512 mb ram. Up till now I’ve only extracted stuff from busted computers and juggled it around, hoping it would work and not blow up! So far I’ve been pretty lucky. But last […]

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The Supreme Geek in the Sky

Possessed would be too strong a word. Obsessed might be better. Theologically, possessed means a serious eclipse of free will by an evil spirit. Whereas obsession isn’t quite so strong. Again theologically, I think obsessed just means being harassed by an evil spirit. In both cases free will never dies. But in possession, it is […]

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