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Winter, cold, snow

Image via Tumblr

Image via Tumblr


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When all else fails…

Here comes the sun – Instagram / Tumblr

Lay down and take a picture…

Cold weather and other factors have kept me penned up in the city like a rat in a cage. Yesterday, the sun came out and the weather forecast spoke to warmer temperatures today. Just after taking this I managed to get outside the gates of the machine (a metaphor I often use for how it feels getting outside the urban perimeter) for a nice country drive.

Today is warmer. This photo was the turning point.


Killing time

laying in bed with a some kind of feverless cold in the middle of record freezing temps… This goes down well..

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the mad machines

the mad machines – via Tumblr (click for fullsize)

continuing on with the “mad machines” theme… this was taken today in a very chilly toronto… construction of a light rail transport that has congested traffic – the orb at top right is the sun… additional orbs appeared with help from google chrome’s polarr app… simple but effective..


Chillin’ takes on whole new meaning…


For me in Toronto, anyhow. Ice storm has rendered us without power for 39 hrs. Luckily this library is open. I saw its lights on, shining like a beacon of hope and normalcy after winding my way through fallen branches and closed roads to get here.

Spending lots of time by candlelight and my battery powered radio. Other than that, it’s like “no tomorrow”on my street.

But it’s not that bad. Family member has power so a warm home is waiting if I really need it. Makes you think about the street people who don’t have that kind of backup…

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evening star

Image via Tumblr

Here’s another one I took last night at Lake Ontario, about 100 miles east of Toronto. I guess that’s Venus or something like that. The evening star. I’m not sure if this was thru the side window or if it was rolled down. I might make this my official non-denominational Seasons Greetings image! Everyone digs nature…

If it doesn’t fit in your browser/device, try clicking on the image.