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Google Street View – What is Big Brother Watching?

My screen capture of Google Street View – Click on image for full size. Follow this link for “live” travel and image credit >> https://goo.gl/maps/ZVjnLLMNHPJ2

Web cams in public spaces are a fact of life. Also, individuals with video-equipped phones have changed our way of life. In a nutshell, abusive people can’t get away with what they used to get away with, because chances are they’ll be videoed and perhaps charged.

That’s the plus side.

The down side, detractors say, is that we lose some degree of our human rights and freedoms. Supporters will rejoinder that public cams enhance human rights, because nobody has the right to harm another or trangsress their right to live in peace.

This debate has been going on for decades. In its political form, probably for centuries.

I first read about it in Zygmunt Bauman’s book, Socialism The Active Utopia. But subconsciously I’ve been aware of it since my teens. Power, government, freedom. It’s a delicate balance.


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away in a manger

Image via Tumblr

I don’t have a smart phone so just take the odd pic with our really old cell phone. I actually like some of the pics I get with this phone because they’re so washed out. Leaves room for interpretation. The only thing I did to this was remove the greenish-yellow color cast that the phone usually has.

Jesus is overexposed. But maybe not. If you consider that he’s a child of light, well… maybe this is right on!