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Sour Suite – The Guess Who

When I was a kid the second bargain priced record I bought was The Best of the Guess Who, Vol. 2. It’s long since gone from my collection, but thank God for YouTube. Listening to this one brings back childhood memories of listening to vinyl records in my room in Toronto, sitting in the back seat of the station wagon (remember those?) on the way up to Collingwood for skiing, and racing around in motor boats at Georgian Bay.

Like the record, all that’s pretty much gone from my life now… well, everything but the listening to music part. 🙂

It’s true that this band had a string of AM hits in Canada (and some in the US) during the 70s, but I think we all knew they were good but not quite as good as, say, The Who.

Mind you, I do like Burton Cummings‘ voice. And guitarist Randy Bachman (also in BTO – “Takin’ Care of Business“) can still be heard as a DJ on CBC radio.