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Lady Gaga Bowie Tribute


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Scientists have resurrected the dinosaur from prehistoric DNA… and they’ve called it David Bowie “Rex”

Image via Tumblr

And oh, what a cool beast he is!

Word’s out that the new David Bowie lp is good. So I had to have a listen. And yes, it is… GREAT. After years of diddling around in fashion shows and patting his movie maker son on the back, The Reverend Bowie is back, and wow, this new stuff is hot.

Excuse me for mixing metaphors, scientific and religious. But I think in Bowie’s case it’s justified. I’ve just listened to The Next Day for the first time but already I can discern some really hip 70s and early 80s FM radio influences. A bit of Jim Morrison, Chicago, The Eagles, Heart, Stray Cats, Fleetwood Mac, King Crimson, Yes, Roxy Music, you name it. All the good stuff. It’s like Bowie has run it through some huge refractor lens and bounced it back in a new way for 2013. In a word, focus. And this lp has got it in spades.

A real victory, artistic and otherwise.


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New David Bowie Single – Where Are We Now?

I remember when the web was new and Bowie’s site didn’t charge to chat there. What fun I had at the section called “Discourse.” I (and a few others) took on all sorts of usernames and played out several personas. Bowie allowed that back then. He even encouraged it. I guess calling the chat room “Discourse” was Bowie’s slightly pretentious (?) way of being postmodern. I mean, he could have just called it “Chat.” Pretentious or not, it’s hard to say. Many would say he’s a sophisticated artiste.

Anyhow, this video leans heavily on the sophisticated side. Nice tune. Nice video. The Old Minstrel continues to inspire!


Telling Lies – David Bowie

Interesting student video of Bowie’s Telling Lies. I don’t think Bowie did a video for this song. There’s another video at YouTube that’s a sort of remix of other Bowie footage, and *very* ugly as all lies and liars are. But this one isn’t quite so harsh. I like its ambiguity.