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Books! via Flickr

Nothing too special. Just a shot I took not too long ago. Someday books like this will be a memory. Probably not too far away.


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I haven’t been buying books lately because I have so many. But this one caught my eye. After checking at the library (it’s there but only as reference) I shelled out two bucks for this. Great deal, considering the cover says $30 CAD.

Image via Tumblr

Cleopatra is an interesting character. Michael Grant reminds us that she was far more intelligent and aware than a mere seductress or silly young girl as writers like Shakespeare and Shaw have portrayed her. No, she was raised in a royal line and had to know how to appease various (powerful) interest groups, especially the Romans. Although most people think of her as Egyptian, Grant says she’s of Greek origin, which I found surprising.

This book is a great complement to the HBO series Rome, which is well done but so mercilessly cut (from the director’s original version) that it’s a bit hard to follow at times.


Super Fast Book Review – James Hillman’s Re-visioning Psychology (Jungian and post-Jungian)

book review, originally uploaded by Michael Clark.

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naked scream (or… what else to do on a holiday Monday?)

naked scream, originally uploaded by Michael Clark.

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Do you read?

Once in a while I just max out on the web with all its bells and whistles and have to get back to the simplicity and peace of good old fashioned books. The other day I was downtown and picked up a really nice little gem that I’d recommend to anyone interested in actually thinking about religion.

The Science of Religion & the Sociology of Knowledge: Some Methodological Questions by Ninian Smart (1973).