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Online streaming hits back to 1900 !!

The Twitter feed says 1946 but it actually goes back to the turn of the century. That’s right… 78s! How cool is that? I remember listening to 78s on my grandma’s windup Victrolia.


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B.B. King – The night life… aint no good life…

Got out the vinyl last night and played this very song. Hadn’t heard it since I was about 19 or 20, and even then I thought this was the best song on the lp.

You can take this tune on just about any level. It was written by Willie Nelson, but I guess it spoke to Mr. King because of his many road shows (250-300 a year) and how they disrupted his marriages. But for me, it’s more about living in the world but not entirely of it. And yes, I do tend to spark up at night when most others are getting sleepy. Me and Mozart… and a handful of others.

As the song goes… the night life… it aint no good life… but it’s my life. And it means so much more now at 50 than it did at 19 or 20.

Btw, I would have posted this last night around midnight, but just when I was ready to go online Sandy knocked out the power…