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Dual – My old turntable… still works!

I’m revising an article about parallel universes, now more commonly called the multiverse. This ol’ turntable figures in my story. Should be out at earthpages.ca in a day or so.


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u wanna know – supakleen remaster

So the first version of this song (below) was mastered with a combination of some Reaper plugins, then that file was imported into FL Studio >> Maximus >> Slam Amp Master.

program screenshot

Sytrus in FL Studio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This version uses ReaEQ, and then AAMS with a custom reference file. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry. It’s bedroom music producer talk.

The main thing that these two different versions illustrates is how essential mastering is to a song. I never realized this before getting into home music production. But now when I hear a song, say, in the supermarket, I’m not only reminiscing over the melody, but also listening to how it was mastered. Mastering needs a good tune for a hit. But a hit needs a good mastering job too!

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Poor boy’s or girl’s 5-way surround sound

My bedroom is like an electronic cave. It’s unbelievable how much stuff I’ve packed in here. Most of it is a remix of old gear than I’ve had kicking around for ages. This weekend, I guess partly to help getting over the loss of our pastor, I immersed myself in a new remix. The outcome was my “poor boy’s or girl’s 5-way surround sound.” It’s not really surround sound. Because I think that has different info in each channel. But it’s still pretty good.

So how do you do it? (um, yeah… substitute your stuff for mine…)

Take your Mom’s old HK amp that’s been gathering dust for the past few years. Add your Dad’s old Zoltri Sound System (amplified subwoofer and white speakers) that came with his Win 98 PC. Run that from the “tape out” jack in the back of the HK. Add two spanking new Yamaha speakers that you got from your AirMiles card (a shoppers points/rewards system)… and voila, you have the poor boy’s or girl’s 5-way surround sound!

And how does it sound? Well, apart from the slightly audible buzz that comes thru the Zoltri system (still trying to fix that), it’s great! I have tons of control over the levels because it’s sort of two stereos joined at the hip, each with different volume and tone controls.

I love recycling old stuff. So many people – even supposed “Green” people – enjoy running out and buying all the latest gear. But I tend to hold on to and reuse old stuff. Heck, we still have our CRT TVs and monitor! It’s actually very psychological and spiritual. Each piece of equipment means something different to me. Each was important at a certain time in my life. So now I’m remixing in a whole new way.

As the depth psychologist Carl Jung put it, the inside and the outside should mirror one another. And if not, something bad usually happens to restore or recreate a new balance.