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She’s Got Dragons

Who me? Game of Thrones freak? Naah. That’s only part of the story.

I did like Khaleesi and thought that Jason Momoa nailed the ancient conqueror role. But they are only depicting things that, more or less, really happened. Alexander the Great. Cyrus the Great. Cleopatra.

Dragons may be fiction but we have a pretty heavy inheritance we have to face.



There’s a timeline…

Remain in Light

Remain in Light (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Transcript, with a few edits, from dictation with the Dragon app)

I’ve been going through some old recordings, thanks to the Toronto Public Library, of some of my favorite bands when I was a teenager. Two albums that have recently caught my attention are by the Talking Heads. One is Fear of Music (1979) and the other is Remain in Light (1980).

Listening today, I couldn’t believe how ahead of their time these albums were… It’s almost like you’re hearing contemporary EDM but the musicians are playing real instruments instead of computer-generated sounds.

Talking Heads-Fear of Music

Talking Heads-Fear of Music (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suppose this isn’t surprising. Both albums were largely produced by Brian Eno. Eno was, well, not famous but known among music fans as a producer par excellence of ambient music.

And you can hear his ambient backdrop as a gel for the rest of the instrumentation and vocals in both of these albums, especially in Remain in Light.

I find it interesting… I just read a little bit on Wikipedia… that Eno recorded entire segments of the songs for Remain in Light as loops. Loops are used today by EDM producers quite a lot. Apparently Eno’s use of loops was a first.

Art originally created as front cover

Art originally created as front cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyhow enough said.

I think these two albums should be listened to by anyone who thinks EDM is garbage, or whatever. Clearly there’s a timeline from 1970s disco to Talking Heads style punk and new wave stuff to EDM today, especially EDM with so-called “tribal” beats.