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Plastic Bags – Fix Mix

Duh… I mixed the first one with my computer EQ boosted around the voice level (to hear an old movie). This morning I realized the error, which made “plastic bags” a bit quieter than intended. Here’s a quick fix.

I’ll leave the first one because sometimes my fixes turn out not as good as the originals. It usually takes a bit of time to find out which is best.


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Plastic Bags

goofing around with some freeware…

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Stress Eating and Meditation

Image via Pinterest / outsideonline.com

I’ve been dealing with some unusually high stressors over the past couple of weeks, so haven’t been posting here as often as usual. But I wanted to post something, so looked over some of my volunteer question and answers at allexperts.com.

This one leaped out because earlier tonight I succumbed to my old habits and pigged out a bit. Eating and stress are so related. It’s like the stress opens the door for old negative patterns and influences. Anyhow, tomorrow night is another night, and hopefully I’ll clamp down and get back into my healthy eating patterns again!

Stress Eating and Meditation » http://en.allexperts.com/q/Meditation-2544/2012/10/stress-eating-meditation.htm

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third eye?

My eye

My eye via Wikipedia

Here’s an interesting question and answer from AllExperts.com about the possibility of being contacted by a recently departed loved one.