Review – Rose (DVD)

This review also appears at Title: Rose Genre: Crime, Drama Production Company: Knight Productions There’s something about a Kemal Yildirim film. Just what it is isn’t easy to put your finger on. But it’s certainly there. In spades. His short film Rose is based on a true story and shot, in his own words, […]

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Review – Shades of a Killer (DVD)

This review also appears at Title: Shades of a Killer Production: Knight Productions Genre: Drama, Action, Neo-noir Some say that if the German poet Goethe had written in English he’d be a serious contender for the crown of “Greatest Writer Ever,” which many believe Shakespeare wears in literary heaven. Goethe’s lasting masterpiece, still talked […]

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Review – Tales of the Dead (DVD)

This review also appears at Title: Tales of the Dead! Genre: Horror, Fantasy Distribution: Reality Entertainment Just in time for Halloween. Tales of the Dead is a vivid introduction to the realm of horror as envisioned by the independent UK filmmaker, Kemal Yildirim. Not being a huge horror fan, myself, it took me a […]

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Review – Secrets (DVD)

Title: Secrets Genre: Drama Language: English Production Company: Knight Productions Secrets is all about relationships, ambiguity and the loss of innocence. Something like Lawrence Kasdan’s The Big Chill (1983), the film kicks off with a tight-knit group of buddies getting together to celebrate the passing of a close friend. Except for the subplot of substance […]

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