🧑‍🔬🧬🌡️🧪 Radio Science – Can you see the real me? 🧑‍🔬🧬🌡️🧪

This was taken in a medical center elevator a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty cold outside so I’m wearing earmuffs, along with the required mask. I usually wore a padded black mask during the mandates. But this one fit better around my nose so although not as stylish, it seemed more appropriate for the day.

This tune is one of my favorites from my youth. I’m pretty sure it’s about a psychiatrist, given the album title, Quadrophenia. Most of the album is a bit boring but it has some bright spots. I wasn’t seeing a psychiatrist here but I was seeing a medical doctor.

People retire and things change over time; recently I got a new medical doctor and a new dentist. And I am very happy with each!

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