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Radio Schizoid!

What a great name for a trance station. I awoke in the middle of the night and instead of watching TV decided to go to Shortwave (a free Linux radio app) where I found this station from Mumbai, India.

I suppose being from India it’s a bit more low-key than some trance stations I’ve heard—e.g. German trance seems to favor slightly harsher, metallic sounds, whereas  Greek trance stations might blend in the odd colorful melody. It’s fun to compare the subtle differences and overlaps.

The nice thing about this station is that you can open the stream directly in your media player, as I have here with VLC—WHICH I must add, I discovered way before it became the #1 media player!

Gad, I boast a lot about how I see things ahead of my time. But I do. Plain fact! 😅

Here’s the web link to Radio Schizoid: http://schizoid.in/

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