Phasing myself out… 😳🥴😂🤣😅🙋‍♂️

I hope I don’t come to regret this but my “” domain name is up for renewal next month and I am going to let it slide. I purchased the domain name quite some time ago, and although it is just a simple redirect, I cannot really justify the accumulated expense (I already pay for “” and “” every year).

“HAL” – the nasty creep that he is – never did open those doors but like Dave Bowman, I forced my way back in, to some extent, with!

Altogether my domains probably add up to 50 to 60 dollars Cdn. per annum, which doesn’t sound like much. But over the decades, it adds up. I have been considering axing both my and domains for several years now. From a sheer biz perspective, neither has really cracked the search engines, and I think I am old enough to not have to flash a business card listing these domains to feel like an “adult,” or for whatever other reasons some people buy domain names (e.g. as a cover for illicit activities).

I will keep – and – because I certainly haven’t given up on that project. But I don’t need to pay to self-glorify when almost nobody cares or visits at

Also, I am integrating all three blogs into the one, So it’s not a goodbye… just a reinvention of sorts.

Me as a grad student in India, full of hope and promise.

I may continue this blog (without the for any extraneous content I wish to post… those entries just too far off to make the cut for what I deem appropriate at

And what will I do with the money I save?

God knows. I will probably need it. If anyone thinks I am living on easy street, they don’t have a clue as to what my life is like or the unique challenges I have faced and continue to face.

Covid and transnational corruption have made it tough for a lot of folks. I hope to have at least enough until I depart from this mortal coil. And I believe I will. But admitting excesses is part of that. And I have come to feel that paying for every year is one of those little extras that needs to go!

A spiritual moment as a kid.

Bye Mike!

Hello Me! 🙂🎉🧁🎇😇

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