Wonders and wondering

I took my Mom out for another city drive today. Last time I posted a photo at Earthpages but this time I’m not quite sure it’s “Earthpages” material. It’s far more personal for me. So I post it here.

First, we drove past Drake’s pad on The Bridle Path. It’s an obscenely huge mansion and I couldn’t help but think that pop stars make too much money. Especially ones like Drake who – let’s face it – will probably be forgotten in a decade or so.

I got to thinking about how God permits some to roll in cash while others struggle to survive.

After that, we drove down a nearby valley lane by Glendon College, where I did my first year of university study, and after circling around below an overpass I saw these wildflowers.

My first stint as a college DJ was in this building!

I used to park my car here for class back in the early 80s. My new and exciting girlfriend at the time had just gone on a year-long European tour with a friend of hers and I was left alone in Toronto. My elder brothers and sisters had moved out too, so it was me, no girlfriend around, and living alone with my folks in a big old house learning about Freud, Sartre, and Plato.

This was before the internet so the postman took a central role in my life.

Not exactly a party.

I made the most of it but seeing these wildflowers where I used to park for school brought back memories.

I was in a post-hippy phase back then, listening to Traffic, Steve Winwood, and other stuff that harkened back to the 70s. I loved the 70s and for many years identified with the era.

The purples and the bullrushes especially reminded me of my faraway friend, and how I felt back then.

Sweetness and sorrow.

Unfortunately, the sun went behind a cloud by the time I could fire up my phone to get this shot. It was far prettier in direct sunlight.

But you get the idea.

What are you thinking?

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