Are you struggling?

I think we all are. Nobody is perfect. Sometimes we need a little reinforcement. I’ve been a fan of bluegrass and gospel for a long time. I even played in a folk band while studying in India. Almost everyone liked it there, except for one arrogant person whom I overheard dissing our band because we played alongside a “sublime” classical Indian artist.

I think this person missed the point of the university where I studied. It was supposed to be a microcosm of the world. And for the most part it was, except for, as I say, narrow-minded bigots like the one I overheard.

Anyhow, here’s a nice internet radio station which so far has played a lot of quality music without any ads. As I write this, it seems to be moving into a preaching show. Not sure if I’ll like that or not. But the music is hot!


What are you thinking?

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