Update on Chrome Remote Desktop

Anna Kendrick – Cups (Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone”) [Official Video]

The last time I tried Chrome RD I wasn’t blown away. Since then I have been trying all sorts of RD solutions that include sound, not just video.

I finally hit on a combo of Real VNC and VLC media player. But the audio lag with VLC media player means you have to get used to seeing the sound out of sync with the lips. That doesn’t matter too much with music. But it certainly matters with drama and to some extent news.

So the other day I tried Chome RD again and this time around its seems generally good for casual use. The audio-visual sync seems pretty good too.

Now I’m listening to the news more, watching more videos, and generally glad I didn’t buy a new computer. One half-decent PC is enough, as long as you have lesser machines in the places you wish to work from (old tablets work as remote clients too).

I’ll still switch to Real VNC for writing. The lag is almost non-existent there, even during busy daytime hours. But for everything else, when I’m just passively soaking up information, Chrome RD seems the way to go.

It’s always nice to have more than one solution!

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