How to get thru Canadian winter in the worst of a pandemic

Isn’t it terrible? You get the slightest little sneeze or headache and suddenly fear for the worst. Saturday wasn’t the greatest day for me. The night before I did a stupid thing. I ate about 7 caramel chocolate balls and had a (un)healthy serving of sour cream and onion chips. I don’t know why. I hesitated a moment before taking the plunge. But it had been a hard day, and I just wanted to eat something tasty and different.

So I awoke with a slight headache and upset tummy. This always happens when I eat too much strange food at night. So I wasn’t overly alarmed. I did take my temperature, though—something I never would have done before the pandemic.

Temperature well below normal, I realized I just had to ride out the next 24 hours for my system to settle. And just now, early Sunday morning – and I mean still dark outside early – I’m beginning to come around.

I’ve been meaning to listen to this lp for quite a long time. I heard a track on the radio and wrote down the title.

So far I’m really liking it. Clean, interesting enough to hold my attention, and yes… Canadian!

Hope you like it too.

I find that jazz in the wee hours just seems to go with Canadian winter… winter which even in Toronto, a fairly mild city by Canadian standards, can be cold as hell.

Yes, hell can be cold… maybe not in Christianity so much but certainly in some Asian religions… but we’ll talk about that another day.

What are you thinking?

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