I was out raking the leaves today. It’s a task I don’t exactly relish but once I’m out there it can be okay. A lot of childhood memories come up.

Me, my brother, and my Dad out there in the backyard of our old house, which was quite a bit bigger than where I now live. We used to rake all the leaves onto a tarp, drag them out to the front of the house, and dump them on the street.

The city no longer permits dumping leaves on the street because kids used to play in the leaf piles and inevitably some got hurt… perhaps even killed. So now it all has to be either bagged or placed in rigid containers.

So I finish the job and place the rake beside this old silkscreen dancer just inside the side door of the house. The words JOBMATE sorta stand out as I’m taking off my shoes. And it sorta strikes me cos while I was out there I was thinking of someone special and, so it seemed, feeling their presence as they gave me some extra energy to complete the task.

Do you ever feel that way?

I truly believe we’re all essentially connected at some level. Or at least potentially connected. I find a myriad of helpers may come to my assistance, especially when I’m doing something not really up my alley.

Leaf raking is no big deal but this neighborhood isn’t quite as peaceful and pleasant as it once was. The houses used to be much smaller but most have been knocked down and replaced with ‘monster homes’ packed in far too close together so it can feel a bit like a fishbowl when you go outside.

So my ‘jobmate’ made it much easier for me today.

Oh, and before you freak out with the first image, check the second.

I have always assumed it was some kind of Buddhist thing. We have had it in our family for decades… But I guess the Buddha didn’t have breasts, so it might be a classical Hindu deity or devi. Not sure.

If anyone knows, please feel free to comment!

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