Our Lady of the Microwave

I could have called this “Our Lady of the Ice” but she is standing, head protruding from a plastic milk bag, in front of the microwave. Hence the title.

Why the ice?

Well, with the pandemic I am freezing bags of milk. Our milk comes in plastic bags in Canada, if we so choose. It is also sold in cartons.

Today’s plastic bag of milk wasn’t entirely thawed, which often happens.

While pouring a drink for someone, I spied this figure. It initially was a bit sharper, especially around the face, nose, etc. But I had to take the drink to same person, get my phone, and by that time she was a bit softer in appearance… what you see here.

On second glance, ‘she’ doesn’t look like a  woman at all. More like one of those ancient history dudes. You know… robes, appeasing tyrants in huge temple complexes… that kind of stuff.

Whatever it is depends on you, I suppose!

What are you thinking?

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