Reelin’ in the Years – 2019 | Warning – Strong Opinions (probably not suitable for minors)

Love is Dead in the style of David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane : chvrches – reddit

Well, another year has passed in the year of music. But what a year it was! The last sane year before everything became almost totally insane!

I’m talking about COVID-19, of course. 2019 was the year before all this happened. We thought we had problems but when 2020 hit, we learned the definition of the word “problems.”

It may be tempting for some to blame China – its lack of food hygiene coupled with a defensive and misleading dictator – but truth be told, we don’t really know how this virus got going. Is it not possible that someone carrying the virus entered into Wuhan, and it spread from there?

Still, origins unknown, the head-honcho Xi JinPing ignoring the warnings and pleas of (now dead) doctors is inexcusable. Why the Chinese people put up with this, who can say?

Actually, we can say. It’s the same as with Vlad Putin and any other ruthless dictator. Step out of line and you are cast out, way beyond that line. Maybe even into the next world.

Same ol’ same ol.’ And with increasing globalization, don’t think you are immune in your sweet, liberal democratic country either. Persecution and unjust violence take many different forms around this planet, Earth.

I believe the hidden powers of corruption are at the root of many social problems and also significant contributors to so-called mental illness. Society blames supersensitive individuals who tacitly pick up on concealed violence. And the real crime is that many of these vulnerable individuals take the blame, buy into their labels, and so on.

Deep inside Earth, scientists find weird blobs and mountains taller than Mount Everest – NBC News

If everyone came clean about how unclean our societies are, I think overall mental health would improve immeasurably.

But no. It’s mostly a fake, sham world. Those who can see through that get better because God and nature wants to heal us all.

Those who can’t see through the social smokescreen sadly play the role of victim to their deathbed.

So what does this have to do with my favorite tune of 2019?

Not much really! 🙂 But we could say that Post Malone sort of looks the part. Tough, street-wise dude with roots in punk and emo music. The son of a DJ, Malone discovered FL Studio (a popular digital music production suite) and turned toward a slightly softer approach.

The dirt and grunge of punk are elevated to something almost heavenly with this guy. He’s one of those please ’em all types. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

He’s an amazing talent and I really dig this tune.

Why it even looks like he watches the same kind of TV shows that I do!

Reelin’ in ALL the Years

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