Mike’s Museum of Ancient Computers

The Headless Laptop

Some of you may remember that I have developed the hobby of getting the most out of older PCs. For the most part, this involves installing some form of Linux distribution but not always.

Last night I spent a couple of hours getting Linux on this machine with only 512 RAM. I disabled some of the unnecessary startup items and am posting this, right now, via none other than The Headless Laptop! I call it that because the monitor hinges broke and later the whole thing just fell off.

True, I am using this machine with remote desktop software, so it’s only acting as a dummy and not doing the tough processing. But still, it makes me happy because I really like this old laptop and it is very nostalgic to use it again.

So I feature it today, in my new series, “Mike’s Museum of Ancient Computers.” All of the computers in this series will be functional in some way. Maybe they just stream music. Maybe they just hook up to my printer. But they all work somehow.

No shirkers in this home! 🙂

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