Just like… starting over…

I reinstalled Windows last night. I had accumulated so many demos for music production that my computer was beginning to feel heavy and slow. Probably just my imagination because those programs didn’t load on startup. Still, I wanted to start again.

So after the dismal failure of my first mix of a tune I’m working on, I’m going to try again but this time with no demo software. Only freeware. And I’m thinking if I simplify the arrangement (especially extra effects) it will come out cleaner.

Something to do during these stay at home days.

Are you like me?

As time goes by I become more efficient and organized with this sterility thing. At first, it was nerve-wracking at times. But now I have a settled procedure and am always asking myself how to improve upon it.

Corona is no joke. But if we’re careful, hopefully we can all come out laughing about it someday.

Here’s one of my favorite John Lennon songs from the Double Fantasy LP.

And here’s my mixer today. My last screenshot showed an older “skin” for Reaper. This is the latest skin. The red instruments and FX are not installed this time around.

Wish me luck as I scale down this composition and try to get it to sound more “rootsy.” If that fails, I’m considering doing some live performances with guitar or piano via iPad.

Click on image for fullsize

But don’t bite your nails waiting on that one! 😉

Be well my friends and be as happy as can be expected under the circumstances. 😍✨👀✔✌🚓🚀🌎🌍🌏🗽🌈🙏

What are you thinking?

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