Alright… maybe I fibbed a bit…

Here’s the other side of the wall hanging that I posted a few days ago. In that post, I said my parents visited Dunster UK. But honestly, I’m not sure. They did visit the UK and stay at their friends’ cottage. But exactly where it was, I can’t recall. I was just a boy at the time.

We did call this fish “Dunster” though because it actually came from Dunster UK. I know that because for many years it sat on a rough old pine table that my great-grandfather took up to our (inherited) cottage at Go Home Bay, Georgian Bay. And if I remember right my Mom told me the story of how she bought Dunster at an art and antique store I believe in Midland ON.

Anyone who’s been to Georgian Bay should know where Midland is and what it means to local residents and cottagers. I still have memories of going down to Midland from our island in the “big boat” (which wasn’t really that big) to get our large propane tanks filled. Those tanks were so heavy that my father had to use a carrier on wheels. In those days the island wasn’t electrified so we used propane lamps and appliances, batteries for the radio and tape recorder, and once in a blue moon, a gasoline generator for electric bulbs and power tools.

So yeah, I sort of ’rounded out’ the story, to put it nicely. But then again, one could say I was spinning a myth. And like all good myths – not to mention religious scriptures – elements of truth mingle with the glossy edges of fiction.

Dunster here, as you can see, has a broken foot — err fin. He’s had that for a long time. But he still stands and I think his flaw gives him character.

Apparently the ancient Chinese said that nothing is perfect unless it contains a flaw. My Mom’s pottery teacher told her that. I guess she knew from experience. 😉

At any rate, Dunster here is keeping me honest! 😁

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