Trees ‘n Trash (Andy at Cherry Beach)

I always take a shot of the car when I go for a trip. Our little Honda has a name, “Andy.” It’s a mix of two of the salesperson’s names… Ann and Deepak, as suggested by the latter. Andy has a personality all his own. At least, it feels that way once you start him up. An older model, Andy nonetheless has a link for USB audio, a digital speedometer and a moonroof. As simple as it is, I like it. It’s light and sometimes feels more like a space shuttle than a car.

Andy at Cherry Beach – Click for Fullsize

The “trash” in this photo is visible just before Andy’s front right tire. Some Toronto residents have no respect for nature – or others – and this beach really is a denatured place, as evident in the sickly looking trees. But I guess that’s more a product of air pollution.

Still, it was a Sunday Drive, and better than just sitting around at home.


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