Beethoven back to normal :)

Well, I’m feeling much better today. Still not 100% but able to blog and will be leaving for Mass pretty soon. Just now listening to another Beethoven album listed on the Naxos Streaming “Featured” page.

If by chance your city is too cheap (or corrupt) to get Naxos in your library system, I strongly suggest encouraging them to do so, anyhow. Who says only millionaires and kreaminals should enjoy the good things in life?

Naxos streaming is fabulous and ad-free and I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the Toronto Public Library never drops it. It not only contains Naxos recordings but hundreds of thousands of CDs from almost all the other major labels.

So today I’m trying a “Historical Recordings” of Beethoven. All familiar works but so interesting to hear them recorded, say, in the 1920s. The first number sounds like an old 78 and you can discern how the medium really does influence the message.

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