Twelfth Night (When The Music’s Over)

I wasn’t raised a churchgoer, let alone a Catholic.

Baptized as an Anglican, I only did the usual weddings and funerals. Our family skied on winter weekends and summered far away from civilization—well, at least far removed from planes, trains, and automobiles.

So I’m still learning the liturgical calendar, even now.

Just tonight I discovered that Epiphany is also called Twelfth Night (Hello Shakespeare!).

Here’s the scene at church today. Everything will probably be gone by tomorrow.

Taking photos at church is not the same thing as being there and taking photos at church.

While standing there after Mass, I got a distinct feeling, as I always do, that this is God’s House and I am just so incredibly privileged to be able to stand within it and enjoy the Holy Spirit all around me.

Of course, this kind of privilege isn’t something we have to pay for. No elite club membership here.

And that, to me, just makes it so incomparably better than all the highbrow places frequented by the rich and famous.

I was going to put some lettering over this image. Funnily enough, a quote from The Doors.

Jim Morrison would probably like it but I’m not sure about some of the clergy!

Anyhow, the text didn’t look right when I tried, so I’ll just post the tune…

Persian night babe
See the light babe
Save us
Save us

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