X-Men: Dark Phoenix – Are superheroes a metaphor for where we’re headed?

Sansa Stark.

If you watched Game of Thrones you should know who that is.

Take this engaging actor (Sophie Turner), give her nuked up abilities that literally transport her out of this world, and you have the character Jean Grey transformed into Dark Phoenix.

Apparently, this movie didn’t do nearly as well at the box office as other X-Men flicks. It grossed $252 million worldwide but only made about $52 million after its $200 million production budget.

Oh, what a shame. Only $52 million. If I could make a film and clear that kind of cash I think I’d be pretty pleased with myself. But alas, the writer-director actually apologized for not connecting with his audience.

Simply put, this film was too cosmic for most X-Men fans.

But that’s exactly why I liked it.

Sansa, err, I mean Jean Grey encounters a cosmic force in outer space that ups her game to the nth degree. She’s literally holding the forces of creation and destruction in her body/mind and soul.

This infinite power causes her to abreact (that’s a Freudian term for going thru issues) while an evil alien woman tries to exploit her confusion and vulnerability with the aim of turning her and her newfound powers to the dark side… at least from a human perspective.

I won’t say much more to avoid a spoiler.

But I will say that Sophie Turner is both great and, not unlike Sansa Stark, a stately beauty in this film.

Super in every way, Melissa Benoist

I find Turner somewhat interesting because she has suffered from depression in real life.

Another amazing woman superhero has said much same. The actor who plays Supergirl, Melissa Benoist, likewise has suffered from depression and anxiety in real life.

To me, their backstories add to their heroism. Not just on film but as total persons, on and offscreen.

As for the film itself, I couldn’t help but wonder if the notion of superpowers could be a metaphor for exceptional people who possess unconventional abilities such as enhanced insight, the reading of hearts and minds, and other supernatural gifts.

Is this where we’re headed in the distant future? Or will there always be a majority of conventional “normals” who push the papers and turn the wheels while the saints, seers and mystics among us help to subtly steer these ordinary folk in the right direction without their even knowing it?

I’m not sure.

The Indian mystic Sri Aurobindo believed that humanity would continue to evolve into some kind of psychic, shapeshifting entity, not unlike the Marvel superheroes. But I find his works are somewhat flaky and egotistical. So I can’t say I necessarily agree with that.

Just mentioning the idea to maybe open a few minds to the possibility that superheroes already exist in the form of sensitives and spirit workers not easily recognized nor understood by most of us.

What are you thinking?

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