The Man Cave – And the headless laptop returns to the underworld…

I was down in the basement yesterday. I decided it was time to do a clean install of Windows on the headless laptop, pictured bottom right. That laptop is so slow I mostly use it for printing and scanning.

As you can see I have two old computers down there. The other is a Dell Optiplex which I got for free and brought back to life with Lubuntu 18.04.

Both of the machines are slow as molasses but when used remotely, they’re okay.

I am probably the last person on Earth to own – and use – a CRT monitor (right). I bought it just before they stopped selling them, so it’s in great condition and at the peak of that particular technology.

The title Man Cave is meant to be tongue in cheek. I actually think it’s a pretty stupid, maybe even sex-role stereotyped term.

But I thrive on stupid.

That’s the irony of life sometimes. 🙂

What are you thinking?

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