Green Light – Brought to you by the headless laptop

They always say that good art doesn’t need explaining. But whoever said that I was a good artist! That much said, let me explain that about a week ago we had some truly terrible weather in Toronto. The mayor asked residents to stay indoors and let the City do its job in salting the roads. The temperatures were just around freezing and we had this quick covering of about 2 inches of very slippery stuff. Way too dangerous to even think about driving.

So I was amazed that night to see this green light flashing outside the upstairs window.

My guess is that it was a food delivery truck from a nearby posh restaurant. But I’m not sure. That was just a guess because the truck stayed there for a while and I figured some working neighbors couldn’t get out to feed their family.

That was my practical side. But my imaginative, sci-fi side thought the whole scene was sorta cool. You have to realize that seeing this truck with the flashing light on a night when ABSOLUTELY NOBODY was out, well, it was quite surreal.

So that’s it. Nothing heavy or too profound. Just a bit of sci-fi imagining on an ice-covered winter night… hence the sci-fi font, which incidentally, is called “Astro.”

Brought to you by…

As for the “headless” laptop, that’s what I call my old laptop that broke a day or two after the warranty expired. The hinge that held the screen snapped. And years later, when the whole thing fell off a chair, I realized it was best just to remove the entire screen instead of trying to prop it up.

I still get some occasional use of out the “headless” laptop. But I need to run it thru an external VGA monitor… 🙂

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