The Vinyl Guy – Yello – “Angel No” – A seminal tune by a quirky Swiss duo

Before the phenomenon of “Dance” music took over the charts a few years ago, we had Yello.

This quirky duo is comprised of a digital mastermind and a millionaire industrialist and gambler. An unlikely combo, but then again, they hail from Switzerland, a country which once accepted both Allied and Axis Powers gold and where anything goes in its highly secretive and successful money markets.

I first heard this tune back in Peterboro ON while studying for my undergrad degree in the mid-80s. I walked in the downtown music shop and there it was, blasting through the store speakers. Captivated by the eerie vocals and, at that time, incredibly slick production, I picked up the album.

Listening at home I didn’t fully realize that this marked the beginning of my journey into what some mythologers call the underworld. The Dark Side. What have you.

Actually, that’s not entirely true because I was a huge Doors fan as a young teen. I mean huge. But the Doors’ kind of underworld was never as slick and mechanical as this.

Osiris and Isis standing within a shrine. Osiris, god of the Dead and ruler of the Underworld, is traditionally depicted as a green-skinned man with a …

Yello for me is one of the pioneering bands where technology and mystique combine, with a definite leaning toward the dark and ironic sides of life.

To complicate matters back in the 80s, I had just broken up with a sweet girlfriend and was infatuated with another woman who really was quite “chilly” and cold. My sincere advances were sometimes met with public ridicule.

I learned a few lessons there.

Delving into archetypal forces, which no doubt I was protecting onto this woman, is no laughing matter. One can really get burned.

Luckily, I was on my way to India soon after and forgot the whole thing.

The challenges I faced in India made Yello and that chilly woman seem almost insignificant.

But now, as I’m older and firmly rooted in the West, I can look back and appreciate how “Angel No” deserves a spot in my music listening history.

I don’t want to be your angel
I want to be your witch
I gotta wait ’til the sun is down
I’m getting ready for another flight
Only if you’re ready
And you’re willing to drown
You can be mine tonight
I’m never ever gonna live reality
In the daylight
I’d never survive
I could never be your angel
Even if I tried
I don’t want to be your angel
I want to be your witch
I don’t want to be your angel
I want to be your witch
I don’t want to be your angel
I want to be your witch
I gotta wait ’til the sun is down

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