The Sunrise Kid – “See How the Starwheel Turns” | Bruce Cockburn

The other day I encountered a promising young blogger whose look and message really caught my eye. I wanted to send her an encouraging note, as I often do with new blogs that I feel are more sincere and meaningful than most.

So I copied the YouTube link for this song and tried posting it at her blog. After a couple of tries, it became evident that some glitch in the system wouldn’t allow me to post it.

The artist in question is a fairly well known Canadian – well known in Canada that is – whose style resonates with those who love stargazing, walking through the woods, social justice… that type of music listener.

I made a few converts in India by lending out my tape. And Bruce Cockburn has a handful of fans in the US and scattered throughout Europe. But just small pockets. He’s no international celebrity.

Perhaps it’s his voice. Like Supertramp and Neil Young, he’s got one of those “unique” voices that you either like or…

For me, as a youth studying in the somewhat rustic Peterborough ON region, Bruce Cockburn – especially his 70s and early-to-mid 80s material – was par for the course.

Every hippie activist student on the block knew and liked at least a few Cockburn songs. Not that I was a hippie or really an activist. People actually thought I was a wealthy Ivy League type. They were wrong, but I sometimes wore Lacoste tees back then – you know, with the little alligator logo – and I guess because education goes way back in my family, some folks assumed I wasn’t just a regular guy, which I am.

In class, I once mentioned the term “Ivy League types” and the entire seminar burst out laughing! It was then that I realized there was some kind of disjunct between how I felt inside and the image I was giving off. 🙂

But I digress.

Like most popular artists, Cockburn peaked with some exceptionally beautiful, poetic material and then like Bob Dylan moved into his electric guitar phase, more concerned about global development and social justice issues, especially in South America.

Here’s the tune I wanted to post at the young lady’s blog:

And the lyrics I thought relevant:

We’re given love and love must be returned —
That’s all the bearings that you need to learn






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